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Us with you is a mental health and capacity building initiative which ensures that one has a safe space to be himself and talk about everything and anything. It provides for the opportunity to be vulnerable in an environment which is trustworthy so that one is guided responsibly.


Hatred spreads faster than love. A lot of time we get bullied by their fellow mates mostly because they themselves are troubled in some or the other way.

If we don't know how to respond correctly to such instances it can leave deep impact over them.

Studies all over the world tell us that bullying during the early teen has been one common reason for low self esteem in adults.

Sexual abuse

Our society is plagued with sexual abuse in all forms. According to surveys one in every five child goes through sexual abuse in some or the other form. Such abuse is not limited to one gender. However the gender role created by the society doesn't even give the right to male child to come out and express what they are going through. When the situation is so grim it becomes important that we give our teenagers a secure place where they can talk and be guided.


With the immense amount of pressure and our own ambitions, at some occasions we are not able to cope with the situation. This leads to a point when so much is to be done that we find everything too overwhelming. This is exactly the place where anxiety creeps in and slowly finds its place in the mind of an individual. When this happens at higher degree it can severely disbalance the normal working capacity and can have catastrophic results.


According to the World Health Organization India is one of the most depressed countries in the world.

In India every hour one student commits suicide and we don't even consider depression to "be a thing".

It is high time we call a spade a spade and deal with it instead of just brushing it up under the carpet.











+ How to love your ownself.

We all are too self conscious. We might like how someone dresses or talks or how someone makes their hair. In midst of all of this we forget to appreciate ourselves. No matter if everyone wants to be like us, we keep on loathing ourselves. Such negative self imaging creates a deep impacted future where we feel that we are never good enough and fall for thing which create delusions for us such as abusive relationships, alcoholism , drugs or even violence. If we learn to love ourselves from an age where our personality is in its early stage we would not struggle to create such delusional self image.

+ Why one should be good to everyone and everything.

Hatred and love both work in cycle if we give out love it would come back in the same form and if we give out hatred it too would come back in the same form. A lot of us, because so much is changing around us are always complained of being rude and unruly. Either we have no time to understand the reason behind our behaviour or we simply accept our behaviour. In such circumstances we need someone who can help us heal without being bossy and lecturing over it all the time.

+ The impact of positive approach in life.

With all the negativity and toxicity around, unconsciously we become a part of it and accept our misery. This takes us away from being human in our full capacity and takes us far away from being the best version of ourselves. You must have met people whom when asked how they are doing in their lives give a long list of issues they are dealing with on the other hand there are people who even when they are going through the worst phase of their life answer the same question with such positivity that we instantly develop deep respect and liking for them. We need to know that the way to have a meaningful life is by trying to look at brighter aspects because there are any way too many people out there sulking over the most insignificant aspects.

+ Why you don’t have the option of being lazy and doing nothing.

A few times people misunderstand being and feeling enough with getting green card for being lazy. Being enough doesn’t promote laziness. It signifies that one is enough to dream bigger and to do whatever they aspire for. If someone is lazy it simply means they don’t feel themselves to be worthy or capable of doing anything and hence they don’t even try or put effort for anything productive. Also the mere fact that you are reading this makes you one of the privileged ones who got the opportunity to get educated and itself brings immense responsibility of putting efforts to make this planet a better places because there are still millions who are waiting for their super heroes to arrive, hence there is no scope of being lazy left.

+ How to be and to feel enough.

Being and feeling enough is a state of mind and it needs to be replenished from time to time. Even the greatest leaders or the biggest industrialists doubt themselves sometimes but the best part is that they have tools to bring their confidence back, understanding such tools is an important part of growing up. Without them we might not ever be the most efficient version. For all of us its of immense importance that we know how to pull ourselves when we are facing challenges. If they have such tools, we can rest assured that they will pull back themselves even after the worst fall.

+ Its okay to be you , you are one of a kind.

In the rat race that we have created for our next generation. We kill the individuality a kid has by the age of 15. We need to tell them that they are special and that they should cherish their uniqueness instead of trying to fit in. It’s an attribute to be able to adapt but such adaption does not need to be the reason of total disruption of one’s own personality.

+ How to respond when you are bullied or cornered.

For some of us the best comes out after facing adversities for others such adversities become the worst nightmare which they face for a very long time. The surveys all over the world tell us that child delinquency has its roots in some or the other form of violence during childhood or during teenage. We need to understand that bullying by fellow mates, cyber bullying, stalking, domestic violence, emotional violence and such other forms of violence are prevalent and our teenagers are totally unarmed to face them . No school or coaching institutes are even bothered about such real issues. Hence they need to be made aware of the ways to respond when they find themselves in such situation.

+ How to win the race against time.

The present generation has aspiration which none of the previous generations even dreamt of. With aspirations comes the hardwork which in turn brings the inevitable race against time. When we are unable to balance our aspirations and time well it leads to gradual increase in stress level and later gets converted into anxiety. Anxiety in itself leads up to several health issues such as depression and even cancer in several cases.

+ Basics of meditation and law of attraction.

India has created world renown musicians , artists, leaders, industrialists and what not. One common thing amongst everyone who has reached the apex of success in their personal and professional life is that all of them understood the power of meditation which us as a generation are either ignoring or are  simply not able to understand.











One session free for everyone below 18 years.







"I feel that I am a more mature person after I became associated with  Us with you , I am able to cope up with situations better , also I feel much more confident about myself."

- Maithili jha

"A lot of time the only problem we have is our own loneliness. I learnt how to be a better version of myself. It's not they lecture you. They simply listen and give perspectives which makes all the difference."

- Shanvi sonal

"Self love is the most important thing which I think I lacked previously. The tools provided by the mentors here are extremely helpful and easy to follow."

- Ayan shah

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